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Re: "vtprint" doesn't work with Mutt when inside Screen

From: sqweek
Subject: Re: "vtprint" doesn't work with Mutt when inside Screen
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 17:06:11 +0800

On 09/09/06, Henry Nelson <address@hidden> wrote:
I figured that likely was the problem.  Would it be possible to re-write
the screen terminal description to allow the ansi sequences through?  If
possible, would anyone know what needs to go in the terminfo source file?

screen has a couple of commands to hack about with the terminal
databases, which might be simpler than rewriting the terminfo entry
yourself - see termcapinfo in screen(1). As for what
capabilities/sequences to use for printing, I have no clue, but you
can likely find the capabilities in terminfo(5) and capture the
sequences using script.

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