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Re: "vtprint" doesn't work with Mutt when inside Screen

From: Brian Mathis
Subject: Re: "vtprint" doesn't work with Mutt when inside Screen
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 08:53:33 -0400
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According to the vtprint man page, it uses terminal escape sequences to activate the printer. When screen is running, it inserts a layer in between the program and your terminal program, which is what allows screen to perform its magic, and will also catch those sequences and prevent vtprint from functioning. This is expected behavior according to how screen works.

You probably get the "successful" message because vtprint cannot know if paper actually came out of the printer, so it's really just guessing.

Henry Nelson wrote:
I use PuTTY to login to a shell account for reading/sending mail.
>From the shell without running Screen, I can print from Mutt
using "vtprint" (prints out on printer attached to local terminal).

When I evoke Mutt from a Screen session, nothing is sent to the
printer, even though I get a message on the display that vtprint
successfully printed a page.  Is there something I've overlooked
that would have Screen send the printer output to the terminal?


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