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Re: How to deal with mailing list hit by spammers

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: How to deal with mailing list hit by spammers
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 15:48:54 -0600

1. What auto-discards spam is our "listhelper" setup. Description:

2. admin_immed_notify must be set to yes for listhelper to function at all. 
If you set it to no, no spam will be automatically discarded.

3. It is unfortunately not possible to auto-discard spam based on scores
via mailman web ui options, as far as I know. Mailman has no concept of
(spam) scores. 

4. To avoid seeing the flood of notifications, I suggest filtering in
your mail reader. E.g., my .procmailrc recipes (except I don't actually
send them to /dev/null; any filename is fine, relative to ~):

# _ is used instead of space when the Subject: line is encoded :(.
:0 : mylock-mmreq
* ^Subject: (=\?utf-8\?q\?)?[-_a-zA-Z0-9]+[ _]post[ _]from
:0 : mylock-mmconfirm
* ^Subject: confirm [0-9af]+$

Personally I have one way to avoid the daily message as well (otherwise
I would get hundreds of them), which you may or may not want:
:0 : mylock-mmwaiting
* ^Subject: .*[ _]moderator[ _]request.*[ _]wa

Hope this helps,

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