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Re: How to deal with mailing list hit by spammers

From: Gerardo Ballabio
Subject: Re: How to deal with mailing list hit by spammers
Date: Thu, 28 May 2020 09:07:36 +0200

Many thanks Bob. I'll do that.
And thanks to you and all the other volunteers for your work.

Il giorno mer 27 mag 2020 alle ore 23:07 Bob Proulx <> ha scritto:
> Karl Berry wrote:
> > 4. To avoid seeing the flood of notifications, I suggest filtering in
> > your mail reader. E.g., my .procmailrc recipes (except I don't actually
> > send them to /dev/null; any filename is fine, relative to ~):
> Unfortunately Mailman itself has no way to tell it not to send the
> moderator notifications only to the moderator address and not also to
> the owner address.  I really wish it had a way to do that.
> Filtering is a good suggestion.  I do that for myself too.
> If filtering is not easy for you for whatever reason then I suggest
> changing the "owner" address to
> (listhelper-moderate AT gnu DOT org) which is the team address.  That
> address already has filtering of all of the things Karl mentioned.
> Mail for the owner will go to the team address and be read by a human
> and responded to in those very rare cases that a person sends a
> message there.
> The owner address is there for people to write to for help in
> subscribing or unsubscribing from the mailing list.  We are always
> happy when people write there as that is the right place to get help
> for unsubscribing.
> Note that changing the owner address simply avoids the mailman
> moderation notifications.  You can still log into the mailing list web
> admin interface as often as you like.  And still tend to any pending
> moderation requests.  And all of that.  It just redirects the endless
> stream of noise away from your address and over to the default where
> we already have filters in place to deal with it.
> Bob

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