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[Savannah-users] bookmarks trouble OS X 10.8 with Emacs 24.2

From: David Dreisigmeyer
Subject: [Savannah-users] bookmarks trouble OS X 10.8 with Emacs 24.2
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 07:30:13 -0400

I'm an OS X 10.8 with Emacs 24.2.  Here's a description of the problems with bookmarks:

1) Have (setq bookmark-default-file "~/.emacs.d/bookmarks/default")
2) Open Emacs and create some bookmarks
3) Save the current bookmarks and exit Emacs
4) Reopen Emacs and try to load the file.  I get this warning:

Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading `/Users/dwdreisigmeyer/.emacs':
Invalid function: (bound-to (filename . ~/Programming/lisp/practice/match.lisp) (front-context-string . bound-to (v sub)) (rear-context-string . atch)
(defun ) (position . 95))

but the bookmarks are still available.
5) Now do ./Emacs --no-init-file --debug-init

6) When I try to load the bookmark file in ~/.emacs.d/bookmarks/default I have the following in *Messages" and the file is not loaded.

Upgrading bookmark format from 0 to 1...
bookmark-alist-from-buffer: Not bookmark format

Here's what the bookmark file looks like:

;;;; Emacs Bookmark Format Version 1 ;;;;
;;; This format is meant to be slightly human-readable;
;;; nevertheless, you probably don't want to edit it.
;;; -*- End Of Bookmark File Format Version Stamp -*-
 (filename . "~/Programming/lisp/practice/match.lisp")
 (front-context-string . "bound-to (v sub)")
 (rear-context-string . "atch)\n\n\n\n(defun ")
 (position . 95))



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