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[Savannah-register-public] [task #7760] Submission of BC$ Recommendation

From: Bryan Copeland
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #7760] Submission of BC$ Recommendation System Project
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 17:53:28 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, task #7760 (project administration):

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you very much for the feedback. In fact, our development team will have
a lot of work to do before we are ready to meet all requirements. Your points
remind me we are just not ready for prime-time until we address these issues.

I was just wondering about YUI, since it is a presentation layer dependency
can it be considered "Optional"? In this case we'll have to re-work some
existing code to provide plain text table output by default, plus, have our
optional YUI formatted presentation for Drag & Drop rich output. I hope that
solution would be ok.

Sesame 1.x uses LGPL, is this acceptable? Scaling back from 2.x may hurt us
quite a bit in terms of the core service, but maybe there's no workaround for
this one. That was a mistake of not reading into the license terms more
closely. Aduna at first glance "appears" free & open. 

For JSON we mistakenly lumped the free Java wrapper library into JSON itself,
but as mentioned on the main JSON site the source code is free and open:

This is essential feedback because it'll help us to set more realistic
estimates on our launch dates. Already, I believe we'll have to push it out by
at least 2-3 months. We do want to launch with the license attached if

Thanks again,



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