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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] long file path support for windows

From: Ryan How
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] long file path support for windows
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 10:34:07 +0800
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Hmmm... maybe this isn't a bug at all? I was just trying to create long path in explorer and it has a limit also (round about the 260 it would seem). I used the UNC path and I couldn't even navigate to the deepest level getting an error.

I used the subst command to go beyond the path limit. When going back to the original path you simply can't access the files from explorer!

I just tried it on vista too!. Doesn't work either!.

It seems long paths on windows are stuffed anyway. If you create a file you can't access it anyway. (I know if rdiff-backup worked with long paths then it could access it, but I like the idea of manually being able to get to the backup files if needs be)

So the rules would just be, don't backup to a folder which is too deep, and don't backup from a folder that goes too deep! (because the added rdiff-backup-data folder will add extra onto the path and cause the error)

Ok... so... can we just change rdiff-backup to instead of crashing to print out a warning that the path is too long and skip the file? The error would be originating in os.makedirs ? So if we can try catch (does python have that?) any calls then skip the file.

Thanks for listening to my thinking out loud.

Ryan How wrote:
Hmm.. The current cygwin head has unicode and long file path support I believe. I wonder about going down that path again until windows python catches up...

According to http://bugs.python.org/issue542314 the long file path issue is resolved in python 2.5 if using UNC paths ?

I'm gonna do some investigating :)

And I don't know about long file paths on Windows happening in the 1.2.x branch.... I think you're going to need to wait for Python 3 and an updated
WinPython with Unicode operations. :-/

As a possible workaround, from the Windows CLI you can try to use
subst to map a new drive letter into the middle of you longpath.

if you know you have long paths within "c:\documents and
settings\administrator\documents" you should be able to do:

subst x: "c:\documents and settings\administrator\documents"
rdiff-backup x:

And gain 40 or so chars.

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