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[Rdiff-backup-bugs] [bug #24100] Can't specify the root directory ('c:\'

From: Anders Hellstrand
Subject: [Rdiff-backup-bugs] [bug #24100] Can't specify the root directory ('c:\') as src in native win32 binary.
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 10:29:45 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #16, bug #24100 (project rdiff-backup):


I think that I have a very small adjustment of the code that might solve the

If we modify the the procedure 'parse_file_desc(file_desc)' in
SetConnections.py and alter...

>> if file_desc[i] == '\':

...to also have a second criteria that exclude the corner case when the
backslash is in the last position of an input string like this...

>> if (file_desc[i] == '\' and len(file_desc)<>i+1):

...it makes all my previous listed test cases to pass without the out of
range error, and hopefully solves the problem (don't have the build
environment for Windows myself yet to prove that it works the but I guess it

As asked just before, I don't realy understand why we can't just search for
:: and split the string which would make the code much more readable.

What do you think about the patch? Is it a practical way of solving the
problem or does we only work around it or even worse introduce any new
potential problem?

Is it better to crash with the out of index problem then at a later stage in
some case as the "Unexpected end to file" error message explicitly just
triggers on that behaviour?

Another, but not so beautiful solution is to just cover Windows OS for this
workaround as backslash as a "escape characters" isn't relevant in Windows.

BR / Anders


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