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ratpoison gets confused about what is the active frame

From: Ian Hickson
Subject: ratpoison gets confused about what is the active frame
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2021 12:58:00 -0700


I love ratpoison, I've used it for many years.

There's a bug I run into sometimes that I can't quite reliably reproduce, and I was curious if this was a known thing.

Sometimes, the "next" and "prev" commands, as well as the "split" and "hsplit" commands, affect a different frame than the active/focused one (as determined by "focusup", "focusleft", etc).

So for example, I'll be happily going about my day with a complicated organization of frames, and suddenly my "next" frame key will affect the wrong frame, and if I try to split the frame the wrong frame gets split.

This seems to happen at random, e.g. I've seen it happen after long sessions where I haven't done any reconfiguring of the frames (no splitting or resizing). Sometimes when it happens I can fix it by using the "only" command and then resplitting everything; sometimes that doesn't help. Sometimes I can fix it by using the "remove" command to remove the offending frame, other times that doesn't seem to help either.

FWIW, here is my .ratpoisonrc:

undefinekey top C-t

definekey top s-w exec google-chrome
definekey top s-c exec x-terminal-emulator
definekey top s-f exec bin/factorio/bin/x64/factorio --fullscreen=false
definekey top s-m exec bin/minecraft/minecraft-launcher.sh
definekey top s-Left focusleft
definekey top s-Right focusright
definekey top s-Down focusdown
definekey top s-Up focusup
definekey top s-Tab focus
definekey top s-ISO_Left_Tab focuslast
definekey top s-h next
definekey top s-n prev
definekey top C-s-Left exchangeleft
definekey top C-s-Right exchangeright
definekey top C-s-Down exchangedown
definekey top C-s-Up exchangeup
definekey top s-backslash hsplit
definekey top s-bar hsplit
definekey top s-minus split
definekey top s-r resize
definekey top s-underscore split
definekey top s-slash help top
definekey top s-p readkey main

newkmap main
definekey main s-l redisplay
definekey main s-h next
definekey main s-x remove
definekey main s-k delete
definekey main s-K kill
definekey main s-t time
definekey main slash help main
definekey main s-slash help main
definekey main question help main
definekey main s-w windows
definekey main s-u undo
definekey main s-r undo
definekey main s-1 only
definekey main colon colon
definekey main C-t readkey root
definekey main C-l exec systemctl suspend

set resizeunit 120
set border 0
set gravity center
set bargravity center
rudeness 15

set font xft:sans-serif:pixelsize=64
set fgcolor yellow
set bgcolor darkblue
set inputwidth 1024

Any advice you may have would be much appreciated.

Ian Hickson

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