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Re: [RP] Pretty fonts

From: Joshua Neuheisel
Subject: Re: [RP] Pretty fonts
Date: Fri Apr 25 10:04:07 2003

> Not more bloody vector fonts!!!
> OK, so now on my 17" 2048x<something> CRT it's not so bad, but on my 800x6
> laptops getting small fonts is really hard without bitmap fonts.  Have
> you tried to get something with more font than hint at pt6 in TT?
> (This is why I avoid GTK2 like the plague.)
> With bitmap fonts I can get 250x100 chars w/ scumacher-clean (a bit
> more w/fixed, but no extended chars).
> If vector fonts ever make it into main branch, please keep it a
(compile-time) option.
> -trent

Just to stop a possible flame war before it even gets started, the font
patch is only for those hackers who have a little time to kill and want to
see what it looks like.  It'll never be part of the main branch and it never
should be (not least of all because it add dependencies to libXft,
libfreetype, libXrender, libfontconfig, libXext, and libexpat!).  It's just
for fun and amusement.

With that said, I like to have bigger fonts for small informational windows,
so I'm running rp with the 20pt Bitstream Vera mono font on a 1024x768 lcd
and it look _a lot_ better than with the standard X fonts.  My eyesight is
not as good as it should be, so I'll probably never use small fonts.


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