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[RP] neat trick

From: twb
Subject: [RP] neat trick
Date: Fri Apr 25 04:20:01 2003

I worked out a neat trick.  Y'all probably know it, it's so simple.

Problem: Occasionally RP dies or  goes funny, right.  Your only option
is to kill X and xinit again.


Make a bash script:

        $@; exec $0 $@

Then edit ~/.xinitrc :

        exec ratpoison
        exec keepalive ratpoison

Now,  if RP  dies keepalive  will restart  it; if  RP  stops receiving
input, you can switch to a vt and `killall ratpoison`.

The end result is that X won't die when RP does.

gnome-sessiond must have a lot of bloat if a newbie can do a one-liner, eh ;)


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