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Re: [qpimd-users] pimd static igmp join problems

From: Everton Marques
Subject: Re: [qpimd-users] pimd static igmp join problems
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 13:42:24 -0200

Hi Klemen,

Sorry, I forgot to share one important catch:

qpimd support for source-specific static igmp on an interface WILL FAIL if you have a host/application issuing IGMPv2 any-source joins behind that interface.
The reason is the IGMPv2 any-source join forces qpimd to switch the group mode to ASM (any-source multicast); however, qpimd is unable to program ASM groups into the kernel.
There should be some provision in qpimd to prevent such a behavior, but unfortunately there is none.

So it is possible that mreceive/mcfirst issuing IGMPv2 any-source joins behind eth0 may be breaking things.
While the static join at eth1 may be restoring the SSM state.
Just a wild guess of course.

If you can switch the test tool for one with IGMPv3 source-specific support, one application I used to test multicast streaming with SSM was nepim, like this:

# Member host joins channel (,
member_host$ nepim -j

# Source host at sends a 100 Kbps stream toward
source_host$  nepim -b -M -c -r 100k -a 10d

Best regards,

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