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s390x TCG migration failure

From: Nina Schoetterl-Glausch
Subject: s390x TCG migration failure
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 19:41:29 +0100


We're seeing failures running s390x migration kvm-unit-tests tests with TCG.
Some initial findings:
What seems to be happening is that after migration a control block header 
accessed by the test code is all zeros which causes an unexpected exception.
I did a bisection which points to c8df4a7aef ("migration: Split 
save_live_pending() into state_pending_*") as the culprit.
The migration issue persists after applying the fix e264705012 ("migration: I 
messed state_pending_exact/estimate") on top of c8df4a7aef.


diff --git a/migration/ram.c b/migration/ram.c
index 56ff9cd29d..2dc546cf28 100644
--- a/migration/ram.c
+++ b/migration/ram.c
@@ -3437,7 +3437,7 @@ static void ram_state_pending_exact(void *opaque, 
uint64_t max_size,
     uint64_t remaining_size = rs->migration_dirty_pages * TARGET_PAGE_SIZE;
-    if (!migration_in_postcopy()) {
+    if (!migration_in_postcopy() && remaining_size < max_size) {

on top fixes or hides the issue. (The comparison was removed by c8df4a7aef.)
I arrived at this by experimentation, I haven't looked into why this makes a 

Any thoughts on the matter appreciated.

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