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Password and login question

From: Evan Meyer
Subject: Password and login question
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2021 12:18:39 -0400

After running the command
build$ runqemu qemux86 core-image-apd-devel nographic \
       qemuparams="-net socket,mcast="
It takes me to a page that looks like this ...
[    5.387318] Freeing unused kernel image memory: 900K
[    5.387907] Write protecting kernel text and read-only data: 12604k
[    5.388230] Run /sbin/init as init process
[    5.462766]~DLT~    1~INFO     ~FIFO /tmp/dlt cannot be opened. Retrying later...
2021/07/09 16:15:21.488045      54753 000 ECU1 EXEC INTM log info V 1 [Enabled console output.]
2021/07/09 16:15:21.496657      54837 001 ECU1 EXEC INTM log info V 2 [Init DLT back-end done, all known contexts set to default log l]
[    7.087114] sched: RT throttling activated
[    7.088860] hrtimer: interrupt took 1995123 ns

APD R20-11 /dev/ttyS0 login:

Where did I set the login for this, and where can I find out where to get this information. I have tried every password that I know of ever using but I cannot seem to get it, and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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