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Generating Interrupts from outside of Qemu process

From: Tanay Gupta
Subject: Generating Interrupts from outside of Qemu process
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2021 23:07:41 +0530


I am trying to make an IOMMU device that lives outside the QEMU process.

I have found that I can create a memory-backend-file that I can place at any address in the guest CPU memory. I can then handle reads and writes to this file and this should be sufficient to get notified when the OS tries to alter this memory region.

It seems like I have part of the IOMMU functionality, although I'm really not sure if any of this will work.

Is there a way through which I can generate interrupts to the guest CPU from outside the QEMU process? I need this to notify the guest CPU that my memory-backend-file buffer has new data to read.

I appreciate all your help.

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