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QEMU to Run Printers and Scanners

From: Musical Neptunian
Subject: QEMU to Run Printers and Scanners
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2020 00:51:02 +1000

        I am new to QEMU. I have installed QEMU and the Virtual Machine Manager. The problem: since I went from Ubuntu Studio 19.10 to Ubuntu Studio 20.04 my printers and scanner don't get recognised anymore. i am looking at two possible solutions: make a virtual machine or dual boot.

Action so far: I have made a virtual machine of Ubuntu 19.10 using QEMU. I have installed Turboprint trial; software on the Virtual Machine. I have tried the default NAT connection and the Bridged connection. Both types get the internet running in the guest. But in both cases if I try to print a test page in the guest machine, the printers do not work.

        I am not a geek. Networking stuff is double Dutch to me. I have done some searches for the QEMU wiki under making a bridged connection/shared connection from host to guest; this seems to be what I need - a shared connection. But I see lots of strange commands that you put in the terminal. Whether such commands are the easy or difficult way to do this, or are relevant to what I am trying to do, I do not know.

         If I have to be a computer scientist to do this then maybe I would be better off dual booting the Ubuntu 19.10? I would prefer to use a QEMU guest if possible rather than having to log into another partition. FYI I did try Oracle Virtual Box, a product that I have used a lot in the past, and it has got so clunky that I gave up; QEMU is better.

        Am I attempting a triple backwards somersault here? Or is this within the bounds of sanity, doable?

   Thank you
   Not a Geek

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