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Restoring QEMU+KVM snapshot on QEMU-only instance

From: Georgios Tziantzioulis
Subject: Restoring QEMU+KVM snapshot on QEMU-only instance
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2020 00:16:15 -0400
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Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to collect some custom execution traces and I am having some difficult with the snapshot/checkpoint infrastructure of QEMU.

Specifically, my goal is to use QEMU+KVM to bring up my system to an initial state and then take a snapshot of it (using savevm), following I want to restore the snapshot (using loadvm) on a QEMU-only instance  -- that is KVM is disabled/not-enabled -- to perform the trace collection.

So far I have not been successful on restoring a QEMU+KVM snapshot on a QEMU-only instance. After loading the snapshot I do not see any progress or response on the guest terminal (info status reports 'VM status: running').

I have tried using a number of -cpu model with no success.

I am using virtio and a qcow2 image.

The operating system of the guest is Ubuntu 18.04.

I am using a recent upstream version of qemu (commit: 175198ad91d8bac540159705873b4ffe4fb94eab; Fri Jun 5, 2020)

Has anyone tried something similar with success. Can someone point me to the right direction on how to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.



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