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Re: guest with one persistent and one snapshot disk

From: Lukas Straub
Subject: Re: guest with one persistent and one snapshot disk
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2019 14:25:12 +0100

On Sun, 17 Nov 2019 23:18:18 +0000
Ivan Vulovic <address@hidden> wrote:

> I am hoping to find out whether the following use case is supported. I have a 
> Windows VM that I want to configure to run in two modes:
>   *   public mode (works as intended)
>      *   internet
>      *   disk0 (the OS) in persistent mode, i.e. writable, for updates and 
> program installation
>   *   private mode (the entire setup is snapshot when i want just disk0 to be 
> snapshot)
>      *   no internet
>      *   disk0 in snapshot mode, i.e. all changes disappear on reboot
>      *   disk2 in persistent mode, i.e. the default. changes persist across 
> reboot.
> As indicated above, I want the VM to run in private mode with one disk in 
> snapshot mode, and the other persistent. What is actually occurring is that 
> the snapshot mode applies to the whole VM, not on a per-disk basis.
> I am running qemu with the following disk-related args in private mode.
> -drive 
> id=disk0,index=0,if=virtio,cache=unsafe,format=raw,discard=unmap,detect-zeroes=unmap,file=/dev/vg0/win10_base,snapshot=on
> -drive 
> id=disk2,index=2,if=virtio,cache=unsafe,format=raw,discard=unmap,detect-zeroes=unmap,file=/dev/vg0/win10_private"
> In public mode, I omit the private disk and remove the snapshot=on flag. That 
> works fine.

have you already tried passing "snapshot=off" to disk2?

Lukas Straub

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