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Re: [Qemu-discuss] Windows 10 vm's reboot only after issuing the command

From: Sebastian Arcus
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] Windows 10 vm's reboot only after issuing the command twice
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 16:24:21 +0000
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Sebastian Arcus wrote on 03/04/2018 09:57 AM:

On 03/03/18 01:36, Donald R Laster Jr wrote:

    Could you be dealing with a locked screen where the first reboot command is sending a 
"ctl-alt-del" that unlocks the screen and the second reboot command send a second 
"ctl-alt-del" that is actually telling Windows-10 to reboot?

    One way that might be useful to see if that is the case is to connect to 
the Windows 10 console and then send the reboot commands.  You could see if the 
reboot command is doing someone on the console screen.

Thank you Don. I've done more testing and I am slightly more confused, although 
I think I am making progress:

1. If I am on on the login screen (through vnc or rdp) or already logged in, 
both shutdown and reboot commands work
2. If I have logged in, but then locked the screen, neither shutdown nor reboot 
work, no matter how many times I send them.

It is starting to sound like a Windows specific problem, so I will get back to 
researching whatever registry settings might be available.

Thanks again for the suggestions


   From what you are describing check what the shutdown and reboot command are trying to 
do.  If they are trying to send a "ctl-alt-del" sequence and the screen is 
locked I would expect Windows to basically ignore them.  I would try this:

   1) On the VNC screen do a "ctrl-shift-alt-2" and get to the QEMU command 
   2) Then enter the command "system_powerdown" to see if the system does a 

I use libvirt / virsh on Slackware and it seems that it isn't possible to access the qemu monitor console using the key combinations above. However, virsh provides a command (qemu-monitor-event) to accomplish the same thing. I ran it and issuing "virsh reboot <vm_name>" and "virsh shutdown <vm_name>" I can see the same thing in the console:

event POWERDOWN at 1520266532.481547 for domain vm-00-hebu: <null>
events received: 1

So it seems that the command is issued, but Windows 10 just ignores it if a user is logged in and the lock screen has kicked in due to timeout. I think it is to do with Windows 10 more than anything else - I don't remember having this problem on Windows 7 vm's.

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