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Re: [Qemu-discuss] Windows 10 vm's reboot only after issuing the command

From: Donald R Laster Jr
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] Windows 10 vm's reboot only after issuing the command twice
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2018 14:26:53 -0500
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Sebastian Arcus wrote on 03/04/2018 09:57 AM:
> On 03/03/18 01:36, Donald R Laster Jr wrote:
>> Sebastian,
>>    Could you be dealing with a locked screen where the first reboot command 
>> is sending a "ctl-alt-del" that unlocks the screen and the second reboot 
>> command send a second "ctl-alt-del" that is actually telling Windows-10 to 
>> reboot?
>>    One way that might be useful to see if that is the case is to connect to 
>> the Windows 10 console and then send the reboot commands.  You could see if 
>> the reboot command is doing someone on the console screen.
> Thank you Don. I've done more testing and I am slightly more confused, 
> although I think I am making progress:
> 1. If I am on on the login screen (through vnc or rdp) or already logged in, 
> both shutdown and reboot commands work
> 2. If I have logged in, but then locked the screen, neither shutdown nor 
> reboot work, no matter how many times I send them.
> It is starting to sound like a Windows specific problem, so I will get back 
> to researching whatever registry settings might be available.
> Thanks again for the suggestions


  From what you are describing check what the shutdown and reboot command are 
trying to do.  If they are trying to send a "ctl-alt-del" sequence and the 
screen is locked I would expect Windows to basically ignore them.  I would try 

  1) On the VNC screen do a "ctrl-shift-alt-2" and get to the QEMU command 
  2) Then enter the command "system_powerdown" to see if the system does a 

I am running a older version of qemuu but the command screen should be 
basically the same.  The sequence "ctrl-shift-alt-1" should put you back on the 
Windows-10 console screen.

  The attached script rc.vms is something I wrote to start and stop virtual 
machines on my Slackware Linux system.  It uses the qmp port to send commands 
to qemu.  It might help.  When I start the VMs on the systems running VMs I 
have the command argument:

        -qmp unix:/tmp/.qemu_control_XXXXX,server,nowait

added, where XXXXX is a port number.  The rc.vms script uses this to talk to 
the qemu command interface.  The file /etc/virtual_machines/qemu_vm.conf 
contains command to start the VMs.  The commands in the file are like this:

        sleep 60
        sleep 10

The attached script listvms is used to list the VMs that are running. The 
scripts VM_Start.sh are used to configure and start the VMs. I also use the QMP 



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