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[Qemu-discuss] num-queues

From: AB Warlock
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] num-queues
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2017 16:43:42 +0500

Just got qemu 2.9 and one of the features it comes with num-queues for

I've been testing NVMes in RAID0 and I can get 1M read IOPS at the
hypervisor level, but under the guest its limited to around 150-200K after
using virtio-blk backplane (iothreads). Without it, it was limited to
around 100K IOPS.

This is a copy of my current XMLs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25699346/

How can I add num-queues to the disk virtio controller? Can you provide an
example please?

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