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[Qemu-discuss] Building Qemu on Solaris 10/Sparc

From: MSG
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Building Qemu on Solaris 10/Sparc
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2016 23:36:55 -0500
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I am seeking assistance in building Qemu to run on Solaris 10/Sparc host 
I have found only two builds online, neither of which are complete nor work
acceptably (x86 pc guest): version 0.7.0 which was a private build found on
archive.org and version 0.8.2 as SUNWqemu.

I attempted to build versions from 2.6.0 down to 1.0.1 and due to a range of
significant difficulties settled on version 2.2.0 as my target since it had the
fewest build issues out-of-the-box on my platform.

The entire configure and build process is documented here:

Many gnu packages needed updating to resolve configuration and building
errors; most of the updates were fetched from OpenCSW archives but
some were found to be incomplete or contained errors.  I needed to
build 'glib-2.0' (hellish experience on this platform) and 'gdb' from

Configuring and building is strongly tied to using gnu tools.
I needed to use wrapper scripts in places and had to edit both
source and generated scripts accordingly (see diffs at above url)
I was unable to avoid built-in calls to '/bin/sh' at certain points. Some of 
produce error exits in the recipe which I resolved by manually invoking
the command causing the error (usually with a shell script named
'doit.sh' in the relevant subdirectory).

Logfiles with incremented numerical suffixes contain outputs of 'configure'
and 'gmake' in a process of build-and-fix without an intervening 'clean'.
These files begin from a 'clean' source tree however.

 'configure' was run using the script 'CONFIG.sh' and compiling was
run using the script 'BUILD.sh'.

All log files represent the build process _after_ the host was updated
with new support files and programs (glib-2.0, pkg-config, gnome-various,
binutils-various, etc, etc).

Diffs are not context diffs (diff -u) but context is obvious (if not please ask
for contexts where needed).

'qemu-system-i386' and 'qemu-system-x86_64' behave the same when run:
  -- if run using 'bios-256k' included in the source tree, the graphical
      window opens on the X display with a proper heading and typing
      CTL-ALT-SHFT-2 invokes the console monitor, however if left
      to run without entering the monitor the VM fails to boot and qemu
      times out with a core dump (see *.out files on the website).'
  -- if run using other bios files from previous versions of qemu, the
      window opens as above and simply hangs.

'gdb' backtraces (see above url) don't reveal much.

Compiler warnings can be seen in the 'makelog' files; redefines and
implicit definitions are:
 "FPRS_FEF" redefined
 "FSR_FCC1" redefined
 "PSR_CWP" redefined
 "PSR_EF" redefined
 "PSR_ET" redefined
 "PSR_ICC" redefined
 "PSR_PIL" redefined
 "PSR_PS" redefined
 "PSR_S" redefined
 "_B" redefined
qemu-2.2.0/util/oslib-posix.c:85:5: warning: implicit declaration of function 

The redefines above are all part of the sparc guest  but the _B redefine is 
and of concern.

I would appreciate advice on how to proceed and I thank all who inspect the 
diffs and scripts and look forward to their replies.


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