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[Qemu-discuss] Virtual Machine introspection

From: Bilal Arif
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Virtual Machine introspection
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2015 02:33:18 -0700

    Its pleasure you are reading my mail. I am system administrator, my organization is now decided to migrate to Qemu from XEN. So before actual migration i have to try this on my desktop Ubuntu 14.04. I got success in running Windows 7 guest with the help of Virt-Manager. now its time to implement LibVMI. i am bucking from a week, i changed Qemu-KVM version but at the end i face errors, every time something new. now the point is to install according to expert. so i have following questions:
-Which version of Qemu-KVM should i use so that i could successfully patch LibVMI.
-is there is any tested guid for ubuntu? i used ubuntu help guide, but that does not work for LibVMI.
-patching is buggy according to libVMI, i also used GDB , but it also does not work.

I know my communication skills are week, because i am computer nerd, pardon me for that.
thanks in advance.

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