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Re: [Qemu-discuss] Qemu-system-sparc: What would I need to change to add

From: Maximilian H.
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] Qemu-system-sparc: What would I need to change to add functionality to save the nvram content between boots ?
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 13:36:21 +0200
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Hello Everybody,

thank you for all your msgs and insights - I only saw them yesterday
because the spam filter was a bit overly excited.

Yes, I am using the original sun OBP because I wanted graphical output
with openwin on the emulated CG3 framebuffer. The openbios firmware
outputs in 1024x800 I believe and openwin wants a 1152x900, so I used
the original sun cg3 framebuffer firmware. Also I wanted to automate the
boot and not have to type "boot disk" everytime.

Sunos 4.1/Solaris 1.1.2 used scsi id 3 for the first internal disk and
scsi id 6 for the cdrom device.

Therefor I am using these command line options:
-drive file="$SYSTEM_DISK_IMAGE",media=disk,if=scsi,bus=0,unit=3 \
-drive file="$CDROM_MEDIA_IMAGE",media=cdrom,if=scsi,bus=0,unit=6

Sunos 4.1 used these SCSI addresses:
Internal HDD 1: Scsi ID 3
Internal HDD 2: Scsi ID 1
External Tape Drive 1: Scsi ID 4
External Tape Drive 2: Scsi ID 5
External HDD 1: Scsi ID 0
External HDD 2: Scsi ID 1 (if not used internally)
External HDD 3: Scsi ID 2
CDROM: Scsi ID 6
Controller: ID 7

>> Yep. We already support flash backed by a block device
>> for x86 and ARM.

> Then using that on SPARC would be much closer to solving the OPs
> problem than trying to create new code based on mmap(), ROM loading
> code etc.

Could somebody point me to an example of how this is done at this moment
in qemu. I know I could find it myself, but time is precious, so I'd
rather ask.


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