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[Qemu-discuss] qemu dhcp issue

From: czebartek
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] qemu dhcp issue
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:51:25 +0100

Hi All,

I have a problem with configuration of dhcp client on VM started by qemu. I have a server connected to some LAN network from where I get IP addresses. On my server I start qemu with prepared kernel image and rootfs. I set up tap interfaces and bridge on a host machine. The machine I'am simulating is Linux Centos 6.

What is the problem now:

When qemu starts up it starts some dhcp client and request the IP address from our external dhcp server. But, there were some security changes in dhcp server recently and now accepts requests only from clients with specific vendor ID.
The thing is that I don't know how qemu is starting the dhcp client and which client it is using. On Centos there is "dhclient". I know that it uses dhclient.conf file when I could set up vendor ID, but even if I set this config it doesn't work.

Do you know how to check whcih dhcp client is started when qemu starts VM ? Do you know how to check what configuration it is using ?

Thanks in advance for help.

Best regards,
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