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[Qemu-discuss] Error when trying to ./configure qemu for MinGW-w64

From: ta0590897
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Error when trying to ./configure qemu for MinGW-w64
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2014 01:35:04 +0100
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Under Lubuntu 14.04, here's the cmdline:
./configure --target-list=i386-softmmu --cross-prefix=i686-w64-mingw32- --static --disable-sdl --enable-gtk --disable-kvm --disable-curl --disable-vnc --disable-fdt --disable-rdma

ERROR: zlib check failed
       Make sure to have the zlib libs and headers installed.

I have googled, and tried the follwing:

sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev
sudo apt-get --no-install-recommends -y build-dep qemu
sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install mingw-w64

All gave
0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 123 not to upgrade.

So they were already installed.

I also created the i686-w64-mingw32-pkg-config script.

Am not a Linux person, only want to cross compile because somebody thinks it is a good idea that the official windows binaries are stripped of error messages and respond to invalid command line options by doing nothing at all.

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