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[Qemu-discuss] setting default QEMU_CPU value for chroot env. where?

From: grantksupport
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] setting default QEMU_CPU value for chroot env. where?
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2014 20:52:32 -0700

I've setup a Raspbian (Debian variant for armv6l/Rpi) chroot on my OpenSUSE 
host.  The host has qemu* v2.1.0 pkgs installed.

>From the host

        chroot $CHROOT bash -c "uname -rm"
                3.16.1-7.g90bc0f1-desktop armv7l


        chroot $CHROOT 
        uname -rm
                3.16.1-7.g90bc0f1-desktop armv6l

Note the difference in 'armv6l' vs 'armv7l'.

This is due to /etc/profile in the $CHROOT containing


appropriate for the RPi/armv6l.  Verifying

        chroot $CHROOT bash -c "uname -rm"
                3.16.1-7.g90bc0f1-desktop armv7l

        chroot $CHROOT bash -c "QEMU_CPU=arm1176 uname -rm"
                3.16.1-7.g90bc0f1-desktop armv6l

Since, for RPi, 'armv6l' is the correct arch, where in the qemu config/setup -- 
either on host or in CHROOT -- can the default arch be set so that 'just'

        chroot /opt/raspbian-chroot bash -c "uname -rm"

correctly returns

        3.16.1-7.g90bc0f1-desktop armv6l



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