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Re: [Qemu-discuss] Problem with virtfs in passthrough mode - only root c

From: Maciej Piechotka
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] Problem with virtfs in passthrough mode - only root can access files and only those owned by root
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2014 09:45:00 +0100

On Sat, 2014-02-01 at 23:24 +0100, Maciej Piechotka wrote:
> Hi,
> I've run into troubles running virtfs is passthrough mode (configured by
> libvirtd). I've tried running qemu with root:root and root:kvm
> privileges but in both cases the situation is the same:
>  - root accessing files just fine (mkdir/touch/rmdir) but it cannot
> chown them (operation not permitted)
>  - if I chown files on the host to user the guest cannot access them
> (including root).
> I've tried various access parameters on guest but all behave in the same
> way (i.e. the one described above). I've tried to google for solution
> but all either describing mapped mode (since FS will be shared to
> Windows guests as well through CIFS or NFS it's not applicable as they
> would not write files 'properly') or just restrict themselves to warning
> that qemu needs to run as root (I've checked this is the case by ps).
> When I attached strace I could not see any errors.
> I'm using Arch on both host and guest and qemu 1.7.0 (with kvm
> acceleration). Any idea what is wrong or how to find out what's wrong?
> Best regards

Just for people who would search for it - I needed to dropping the
capabilities (clear_emulator_capabilities = 0).

Any idea why is this required?

Best regards

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