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Re: [PATCH 00/21] aspeed: Extend ast2600 I2C model with new mode

From: Cédric Le Goater
Subject: Re: [PATCH 00/21] aspeed: Extend ast2600 I2C model with new mode
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2022 16:50:33 +0200
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Hello Corey,

On 6/6/22 17:07, Cédric Le Goater wrote:

Here is a series aggregating recent changes proposed on the Aspeed
ast2600 I2C controller model.

First comes a large set of changes converting the model to use the
registerfield interface and adding the I2C new register mode
(Joe). Since this is complex to review, extra tests are added to the
acceptance test suite to check that I2C devices are still functional
in the ast2600-evb machine. These tests use small buildroot images
available on GH.

The ast1030 and ast2600 SoC share the same I2C logic. This series adds
I2C support to the ast1030 now that new register mode is supported.
There was a previous proposal from Troy doing the same but Joe's
patchset covers the same need (and converts the model to registerfield)

Follows a proposal from Klaus adding support for multi master in the
I2C core and the Aspeed I2C model, for the old register mode only. The
new register mode still needs to be addressed but this shouldn't take
too long once old register mode is merged.

Last, I have added the I2C echo device and test provided by Klaus. I
think it would be interesting to keep them for tests. Please, tell me.



Cédric Le Goater (7):
   test/avocado/machine_aspeed.py: Move OpenBMC tests
   test/avocado/machine_aspeed.py: Add tests using buildroot images
   test/avocado/machine_aspeed.py: Add I2C tests to ast2600-evb
   test/avocado/machine_aspeed.py: Add an I2C RTC test
   aspeed/i2c: Add ast1030 controller models
   aspeed/i2c: Enable SLAVE_ADDR_RX_MATCH always
   test/avocado/machine_aspeed.py: Add I2C slave tests

Joe Komlodi (7):
   hw/registerfields: Add shared fields macros
   aspeed: i2c: Add ctrl_global_rsvd property
   aspeed: i2c: Migrate to registerfields API
   aspeed: i2c: Use reg array instead of individual vars
   aspeed: i2c: Add new mode support
   aspeed: i2c: Add PKT_DONE IRQ to trace
   aspeed: i2c: Move regs and helpers to header file

Klaus Jensen (6):
   hw/i2c/aspeed: rework raise interrupt trace event
   hw/i2c/aspeed: add DEV_ADDR in old register mode

   hw/i2c: support multiple masters
   hw/i2c: add asynchronous send
   hw/i2c/aspeed: add slave device in old register mode

Do you think we can move forward with the above 3 patches and include
them in an Aspeed PR ? I didn't see any objection.



   hw/misc: add a toy i2c echo device [DO NOT PULL]

Troy Lee (1):
   aspeed: Add I2C buses to AST1030 model

  include/hw/i2c/aspeed_i2c.h         | 299 ++++++++-
  include/hw/i2c/i2c.h                |  30 +
  include/hw/registerfields.h         |  70 +++
  hw/arm/aspeed.c                     |  13 +
  hw/arm/aspeed_ast10x0.c             |  18 +
  hw/arm/aspeed_ast2600.c             |   2 +
  hw/arm/pxa2xx.c                     |   2 +
  hw/display/sii9022.c                |   2 +
  hw/display/ssd0303.c                |   2 +
  hw/i2c/aspeed_i2c.c                 | 901 ++++++++++++++++++----------
  hw/i2c/core.c                       |  70 ++-
  hw/i2c/smbus_slave.c                |   4 +
  hw/misc/i2c-echo.c                  | 162 +++++
  hw/nvram/eeprom_at24c.c             |   2 +
  hw/sensor/lsm303dlhc_mag.c          |   2 +
  hw/i2c/trace-events                 |   4 +-
  hw/misc/meson.build                 |   2 +
  tests/avocado/boot_linux_console.py |  43 --
  tests/avocado/machine_aspeed.py     | 128 ++++
  19 files changed, 1393 insertions(+), 363 deletions(-)
  create mode 100644 hw/misc/i2c-echo.c

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