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Re: Help: How do I make a machine with 2 separate ARM SoC's?

From: Cédric Le Goater
Subject: Re: Help: How do I make a machine with 2 separate ARM SoC's?
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 17:37:20 +0200
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Hello Peter M.,

[ ... ]

Another device that does some moderately complicated things with
MemoryRegions is the hw/arm/armsse.c SoC, which has several CPUs
and has some per-CPU devices.

I think we have not thus far had a model of a board where different
CPUs see radically different things (only ones where they can see
minor differences), so you'll probably run into places where the
APIs are a bit clunky (and we can perhaps have a go at making
them a bit less so). What I would do is make the system_memory
container be used by whatever is the "main" application processor
SoC in your board. If the two SoCs really see absolutely different
worlds with no shared devices at all, then you'll want to create
a new empty container for the second SoC. If they do have some
board-level shared devices, then you'll want to do something a little
more complicated with aliases.

If you find the SoC device models you're using hardcode use of
system_memory or address_space_memory you should treat those as
bugs to be fixed. Other loose ends (like monitor commands that
assume the system address space) can be ignored: having those
operate on the 'application processor' SoC is fine, I think.

On the CPU topic, I think we will need to change the GIC device
to stop using qemu_get_cpu() in the CPU interface init routine
and in the GIC realize routine, since this is global to the machine.
I am having the same problem when trying to model a multi SoC board
with a GIC device on each chip.

What would be a good approach to loop only on the CPUs related
to a GIC device ? Could we tag the CPUs and the GIC in some way
to filter the unrelated CPUs ? Or pass a CPU list to the GIC
device ?



Overall, this is definitely doable but will involve a fair
about of slogging through territory where nobody has yet
broken a trail for you :-)

-- PMM

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