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Re: [PATCH] meson: Propagate gnutls dependency

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [PATCH] meson: Propagate gnutls dependency
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2021 21:02:13 +0100
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On 08/01/21 20:29, Roman Bolshakov wrote:

I tried to use extract_all_objects() to get all object files directly
but it doesn't work on dependency objects defined via
declare_dependency(). It works only on regular targets (libs and
executables). And as far as I understand the intention to have
declare_dependency() in QEMU was to specify public interface to avoid
some duplication. But meson doesn't have public/private notion for build
targets so if we drop declare_dependency we need to specify link_whole
in every user of a library that's had link_whole: declare_dependency()
and build files would become less lean. So I'm not sure how to proceed.

Yes, that was just saying that the code was _in Meson_ but it still needs a change to the ninja backend.

The proposed patch (in the subject) is the still the best we've got so
far that fixes macOS build immediately without much bigger wrestling
with meson.

Yes, I'm going to queue it.


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