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[Qemu-devel] cover letter cc's [was: [PATCH 60/67] hw/s390x: add include

From: Eric Blake
Subject: [Qemu-devel] cover letter cc's [was: [PATCH 60/67] hw/s390x: add include directory headers]
Date: Fri, 4 May 2018 08:07:53 -0500
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[adding a cross-post to the git mailing list]

On 05/04/2018 02:10 AM, Cornelia Huck wrote:
On Thu, 3 May 2018 22:51:40 +0300
"Michael S. Tsirkin" <address@hidden> wrote:

This way they are easier to find using standard rules.

Signed-off-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <address@hidden>

[Goes to find cover letter to figure out what this is all about.
*Please*, cc: people on the cover letter so they can see immediately
what this is trying to do!]

Is there an EASY way to make 'git format-patch --cover-letter $commitid' (and git send-email, by extension) automatically search for all cc's any any of the N/M patches, and auto-cc ALL of those recipients on the 0/N cover letter? And if that is not something easily built into git format-patch directly, is it something that can easily be added to sendemail.cccmd? This is not the first time that someone has complained that automatic cc's are not sending the cover letter context to a particular maintainer interested (and auto-cc'd) in only a subset of an overall series.

On the other hand, cc'ing all recipients for a largely mechanical patch series that was split into 67 parts, in part because it touches so many different maintainers' areas, may make the cover letter have so many recipients that various mail gateways start rejecting it as potential spam.

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