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[Qemu-devel] [Bug 696094] Re: TI Stellaris lm3s811evb (ARM Cortex-M3) :

From: Petteri Aimonen
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Bug 696094] Re: TI Stellaris lm3s811evb (ARM Cortex-M3) : Systick interrupt not working
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 16:56:28 -0000

I think the problem is line 53 in qemu-linaro/hw/armv7m_nvic.c:
int system_clock_scale;

This variable is initialized under some conditions from the Stellaris
peripheral emulation code, but apparently your code does not trigger
this initialization. It then uses the default value of 0, and gets into
an infinite loop.

I suggest that the line be changed to:
int system_clock_scale = 1;

This not only prevents the crash, but has a side benefit of being able to use 
the SysTick timer even without other peripherals, like this:
qemu-system-arm -cpu cortex-m3 -nographic -monitor null -serial null 
-semihosting -kernel test.elf
-device armv7m_nvic -icount 1

I still get hangs by messing around with the -icount parameter, but it
is a different bug - ctrl-C gets you out of those hangs.

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  TI Stellaris lm3s811evb (ARM Cortex-M3) : Systick interrupt not

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  I've tried to create a small project that uses the CMSIS as base library.
  The problem is that the SysTick_interrupt_handler() doesn't get executed when 
the systick event is detected in QEMU. Furthermore, it seems asif QEMU gets 
stuck in an endless loop. QEMU doesn't respond to Ctrl-C on the command line 
and the GDB session also stalls. 'kill -9' is the only way to stop QEMU.

  It seems asif the initialisation of the NVIC works fine. I've traced the 
function calls in QEMU as follows:
  stellaris.c: stellaris_init() - Perform generic armv7 init: armv7m_init()
     armv7m.c: armv7m_init() - Create and init the nvic:
                                 nvic = qdev_create(NULL, "armv7m_nvic");
                                 env->nvic = nvic;
                             - Configure the programmable interrupt controller:
                                 Call: arm_pic_init_cpu() 
                             - Initialise 64 interrupt structures.

  The following call sequence is observed when the systick event occur:
  armv7m_nvic.c: systick_timer_tick(): set pending interrupt
  armv7m_nvic.c: armv7m_nvic_set_pending() for irq:15
    arm_gic.c: gic_set_pending_private(): GIC_SET_PENDING(15,)
      arm_gic.c: gic_update() - Raise IRQ with qemu_set_irq()
         irq.c: eqmu_set_irq() - Call the irq->handler 
                                 -- I assume the irq handler is 
                                    since that was passed as the parameter when
                                    qemu_allocate_irqs() was called in ...
            arm_pic.c: arm_pic_cpu_handler() - After evaluation, call 
               exec.c: cpu_interrupt() is called.     

  The tools that were used during the testing of this project:
    GCC: Codesourcery ARM eabi 2010q3
    QEMU: Checked out on 31/12/2010 - Last commit: 
  The project files are attached, for reproducing of the errors.
     Note: The CMSIS wants to perform byte accesses to the NVIC. For the 
Cortex-M3, unaligned 8 bit and 16 bit accesses are allowed. The current QEMU 
implementation doesn't yet cater for it. As a work around, updated versions of
  arm_gic.c armv7m_nvic.h armv7m_nvic.c is also included.

  Launch project with: go_gdb.sh
  Attach debugger with: arm-none-eabi-gdbtui --command=gdbCommands_tui
  (s = step, n = next, c = continue, Ctrl-C = stop, print <variable> to look at 
variable contents)

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