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[Qemu-devel] [Bug 696094] Re: TI Stellaris lm3s811evb (ARM Cortex-M3) :

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Bug 696094] Re: TI Stellaris lm3s811evb (ARM Cortex-M3) : Systick interrupt not working
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 14:25:03 -0000

http://www.mail-archive.com/address@hidden/msg90256.html has some
patches from Sebastian Huber which let him run the RTEMS real time
system on the TI Stellaris LM3S6965 with a working system tick. As he
notes, some of them are hacks and not suitable for applying to qemu, but
they give a reasonable list of problems needing fixing:

(1) SHPR* (and some other) system registers need to be byte and halfword 
(2) GIC priority mask feature not correct for v7M? [actually this looks to be 
wrong for A profile too, at least as far as the reset value goes: 11MPCore had 
a reset value of 0xf0 but A9 has reset value of 0.]
(3) BASEPRI and BASEPRI_MAX are totally ignored at the moment
(4) not very much RAM and it's not configurable from command line

(2) and (3) add up to "we don't implement the M profile execution
priority and exception model properly"; I strongly suspect there are
further bugs in this area. (I'm not convinced that sharing code between
the A profile GIC and the M profile NVIC is worthwhile, incidentally.)

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  TI Stellaris lm3s811evb (ARM Cortex-M3) : Systick interrupt not

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  I've tried to create a small project that uses the CMSIS as base library.
  The problem is that the SysTick_interrupt_handler() doesn't get executed when 
the systick event is detected in QEMU. Furthermore, it seems asif QEMU gets 
stuck in an endless loop. QEMU doesn't respond to Ctrl-C on the command line 
and the GDB session also stalls. 'kill -9' is the only way to stop QEMU.

  It seems asif the initialisation of the NVIC works fine. I've traced the 
function calls in QEMU as follows:
  stellaris.c: stellaris_init() - Perform generic armv7 init: armv7m_init()
     armv7m.c: armv7m_init() - Create and init the nvic:
                                 nvic = qdev_create(NULL, "armv7m_nvic");
                                 env->nvic = nvic;
                             - Configure the programmable interrupt controller:
                                 Call: arm_pic_init_cpu() 
                             - Initialise 64 interrupt structures.

  The following call sequence is observed when the systick event occur:
  armv7m_nvic.c: systick_timer_tick(): set pending interrupt
  armv7m_nvic.c: armv7m_nvic_set_pending() for irq:15
    arm_gic.c: gic_set_pending_private(): GIC_SET_PENDING(15,)
      arm_gic.c: gic_update() - Raise IRQ with qemu_set_irq()
         irq.c: eqmu_set_irq() - Call the irq->handler 
                                 -- I assume the irq handler is 
                                    since that was passed as the parameter when
                                    qemu_allocate_irqs() was called in ...
            arm_pic.c: arm_pic_cpu_handler() - After evaluation, call 
               exec.c: cpu_interrupt() is called.     

  The tools that were used during the testing of this project:
    GCC: Codesourcery ARM eabi 2010q3
    QEMU: Checked out on 31/12/2010 - Last commit: 
  The project files are attached, for reproducing of the errors.
     Note: The CMSIS wants to perform byte accesses to the NVIC. For the 
Cortex-M3, unaligned 8 bit and 16 bit accesses are allowed. The current QEMU 
implementation doesn't yet cater for it. As a work around, updated versions of
  arm_gic.c armv7m_nvic.h armv7m_nvic.c is also included.

  Launch project with: go_gdb.sh
  Attach debugger with: arm-none-eabi-gdbtui --command=gdbCommands_tui
  (s = step, n = next, c = continue, Ctrl-C = stop, print <variable> to look at 
variable contents)

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