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RE: [Qemu-devel] re: native gfx card support

From: Natalia Portillo
Subject: RE: [Qemu-devel] re: native gfx card support
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 14:40:27 +0000


> Basically the main thing I know about gfx support is that it 
> should be way faster to support native cards (I've got a 
> GeForce 4 MX 64MB DDR in my 1 Ghz iMac, for instance) instead 
> of emulating a card.  That's why I was curious if qemu will 
> do this, as VPC7 will supposedly do.  I'm not trying to rush 
> the qemu devs or anything, I have no idea how long things 
> like that would take to implement.

Is a good idea but with a very difficult problem.
For making this VPC7 will use a kernel driver.
If qemu wants to make the same will have to write a driver for Linux,
another for Win32, another for MacOS X, another for FreeBSD, another for
<put here your favourite HOST system>.

Is the eternal question: Performance vs. Portability

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