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Re: [PATCH for-6.1? v2 5/7] job: Add job_cancel_requested()

From: Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy
Subject: Re: [PATCH for-6.1? v2 5/7] job: Add job_cancel_requested()
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 18:47:26 +0300
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27.07.2021 18:39, Max Reitz wrote:
On 27.07.21 15:04, Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy wrote:
26.07.2021 17:46, Max Reitz wrote:
Most callers of job_is_cancelled() actually want to know whether the job
is on its way to immediate termination.  For example, we refuse to pause
jobs that are cancelled; but this only makes sense for jobs that are
really actually cancelled.

A mirror job that is cancelled during READY with force=false should
absolutely be allowed to pause.  This "cancellation" (which is actually
a kind of completion) may take an indefinite amount of time, and so
should behave like any job during normal operation.  For example, with
on-target-error=stop, the job should stop on write errors.  (In
contrast, force-cancelled jobs should not get write errors, as they
should just terminate and not do further I/O.)

Therefore, redefine job_is_cancelled() to only return true for jobs that
are force-cancelled (which as of HEAD^ means any job that interprets the
cancellation request as a request for immediate termination), and add
job_cancel_request() as the general variant, which returns true for any


jobs which have been requested to be cancelled, whether it be
immediately or after an arbitrarily long completion phase.

Buglink: https://gitlab.com/qemu-project/qemu/-/issues/462
Signed-off-by: Max Reitz <mreitz@redhat.com>
  include/qemu/job.h |  8 +++++++-
  block/mirror.c     | 10 ++++------
  job.c              |  7 ++++++-
  3 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/qemu/job.h b/include/qemu/job.h
index 8aa90f7395..032edf3c5f 100644
--- a/include/qemu/job.h
+++ b/include/qemu/job.h
@@ -436,9 +436,15 @@ const char *job_type_str(const Job *job);
  /** Returns true if the job should not be visible to the management layer. */
  bool job_is_internal(Job *job);
  -/** Returns whether the job is scheduled for cancellation. */
+/** Returns whether the job is being cancelled. */
  bool job_is_cancelled(Job *job);
+ * Returns whether the job is scheduled for cancellation (at an
+ * indefinite point).
+ */
+bool job_cancel_requested(Job *job);
  /** Returns whether the job is in a completed state. */
  bool job_is_completed(Job *job);
  diff --git a/block/mirror.c b/block/mirror.c
index e93631a9f6..72e02fa34e 100644
--- a/block/mirror.c
+++ b/block/mirror.c
@@ -936,7 +936,7 @@ static int coroutine_fn mirror_run(Job *job, Error **errp)
          /* Transition to the READY state and wait for complete. */
          s->actively_synced = true;
-        while (!job_is_cancelled(&s->common.job) && !s->should_complete) {
+        while (!job_cancel_requested(&s->common.job) && !s->should_complete) {
          s->common.job.cancelled = false;
@@ -1043,7 +1043,7 @@ static int coroutine_fn mirror_run(Job *job, Error **errp)
                should_complete = s->should_complete ||
-                job_is_cancelled(&s->common.job);
+                job_cancel_requested(&s->common.job);
              cnt = bdrv_get_dirty_count(s->dirty_bitmap);
  @@ -1087,7 +1087,7 @@ static int coroutine_fn mirror_run(Job *job, Error 
          trace_mirror_before_sleep(s, cnt, job_is_ready(&s->common.job),
          job_sleep_ns(&s->common.job, delay_ns);
-        if (job_is_cancelled(&s->common.job) && s->common.job.force_cancel) {
+        if (job_is_cancelled(&s->common.job)) {
          s->last_pause_ns = qemu_clock_get_ns(QEMU_CLOCK_REALTIME);
@@ -1099,9 +1099,7 @@ immediate_exit:
           * or it was cancelled prematurely so that we do not guarantee that
           * the target is a copy of the source.
-        assert(ret < 0 ||
-               (s->common.job.force_cancel &&
-                job_is_cancelled(&s->common.job)));
+        assert(ret < 0 || job_is_cancelled(&s->common.job));

(As a note, I hope this does the job regarding your suggestions for patch 4. :))

diff --git a/job.c b/job.c
index e78d893a9c..dba17a680f 100644
--- a/job.c
+++ b/job.c
@@ -216,6 +216,11 @@ const char *job_type_str(const Job *job)
    bool job_is_cancelled(Job *job)
+    return job->cancelled && job->force_cancel;

can job->cancelled be false when job->force_cancel is true ? I think not and 
worth an assertion here. Something like

if (job->force_cancel) {
   return true;

return false;

Sounds good, why not.

+bool job_cancel_requested(Job *job)
      return job->cancelled;
@@ -1015,7 +1020,7 @@ void job_complete(Job *job, Error **errp)
      if (job_apply_verb(job, JOB_VERB_COMPLETE, errp)) {
-    if (job_is_cancelled(job) || !job->driver->complete) {
+    if (job_cancel_requested(job) || !job->driver->complete) {
          error_setg(errp, "The active block job '%s' cannot be completed",

I think it's a correct change, although there may be unexpected side-effects, 
it's hard to imagine all consequences of changing job_is_cancelled() semantics 
called in several places in job.c.

For example: so we now don't set -ECANCELED in job_update_rc for soft-cancel..

This mean that job_finalize_single() will call job_commit instead of job_abort, 
and job_commit may do some graph changes, which shouldn't happen for soft-cancel

Yeah.  Targeting 6.2, I don’t have a bad feeling about it, though.

Reviewed-by: Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy <vsementsov@virtuozzo.com>

Thanks for the review, by the way!


Best regards,

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