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Re: [PySysInfo-dev] Re: classic theme, pysysinfo.cgi

From: Elmar Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [PySysInfo-dev] Re: classic theme, pysysinfo.cgi
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 03:15:16 +0200
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on Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 02:18:49 +0200, Daniel Hirche wrote:

> *thinking about pysysinfo.conf & first-time-config-wizard* :-)

Hehe. Well, if you would call something along the lines of debconf
support in a Debian package of PySysInfo wizard, then yes, otherwise
no, not really. :)

> > Moving font-size from table to td actually breaks it, as it does not
> > apply to th anymore - at least in Opera and ie.
> Font-size, font-family and so on don't matter in table {} !
> Empirically I would recommend to only work with (td) classes.

<td> and <th> are always children of <table>, thus td and th classes
inherit any style values from table classes.

The named two browsers obviously work that way, ie. with your CSS
version, <th> elements like the "Device  Received  Sent  Err/Drop"
line of the network usage table gets rendered in a really huge font
instead of 11pt by them.

The CSS is valid and I haven't found anything in the CSS Specification
saying that its deprecated to use table for this either - given its
size that doesn't mean that much though. ;)
Point me to the section in the specs or to some other documentation
pointing out why it shouldn't be done and I'll move the font-size to
td _and_ th classes, but for now I see no reason.

> classic.css... hrm.
> At least I would recommend to commit the .memory, .filesystems, margin-*
> and border-* related changes. Works fine with both Galeon and IE6.

I'll check if they still work without the fixed width table, if so
consider them added. :)



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