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[PySysInfo-dev] Re: classic theme, pysysinfo.cgi

From: Daniel Hirche
Subject: [PySysInfo-dev] Re: classic theme, pysysinfo.cgi
Date: 31 Mar 2003 02:18:49 +0200

On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 01:43, Elmar Hoffmann wrote:
> > suggest-show-ip-host.diff
> >   suggestion: let the users decide to show their visitors 
> >               IP/Virtual/Hostname.
> Hiding your IP is a rather specific wish, ie. in most cases it is
> known by the visitors anyway. Other users might for example not want
> to disclose their kernel version, etc.

*thinking about pysysinfo.conf & first-time-config-wizard* :-)

> > fix-classic-theme.diff
> >   fixed: pysysinfo/templates/classic: pysysinfo.tmpl
> >          pysysinfo/templates/classic: classic.css
> Moving font-size from table to td actually breaks it, as it does not
> apply to th anymore - at least in Opera and ie.

Font-size, font-family and so on don't matter in table {} !
Empirically I would recommend to only work with (td) classes.

TH is something weird I don't attach any importance to. :)

classic.css... hrm.
At least I would recommend to commit the .memory, .filesystems, margin-*
and border-* related changes. Works fine with both Galeon and IE6.


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