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RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Explanation on the cron time entries(Was: Some

Subject: RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Explanation on the cron time entries(Was: Some comments on Brian code)
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 14:25:58 +0100


> Why not simply using strings everywhere ? In fact, we will do nothing
> with these parameters except write them to the crontab file. 
> So I think
> a string is more than enough, don't you ?

Yes, we could simply use strings every where. I think that makes things easier. 
So let's do it with strings then.

> > Now, the problem I see will be more on the GUI side. We 
> will have to think about a way to let the user plan such 
> tasks (every XX minutes, or every YY hours). For me, the real 
> problem is here. How the GUI will be designed to allow such entries?
> > 
> Well, we could have something like:
> ----
>  Execute the task on [  ]/[  ]/[    ]
>  [ ] Then, repeat the task every [XXX  ]  |Seconds |
>                                           |Minutes |
>                                           |Hours   |
>                                           |Days    |
>                                           |Months  |
>                                           |Years   |
> ----
> Wouldn't that cover most of the cases ? Of course, we could 
> use Brian's
> advanced schedule dialog to tweak it up later.

Yes, this sounds good.

One remark though, how will you set up Cron or At to start a job at a specific 
date and repeat it every XX minutes? Starting at a specific date is an At 
feature, and repeat it is a Cron one.

One of the way I see would be to plan a PyAtCron task for At, planed to run at 
a specific date, which launch a PyAtCron script that runs the job and set the 
recursive entry in the user crontab file. But I think that this kind of feature 
might be available in Python release 2. What do you think?

In my plan, I'm thinking of having a first PyAtCron release that maps Cron and 
At features into a GUI, no less, no more. Of course, a wizard screen is 
welcome, but shouldn't make things more complicated.
Then, in future release, we might introduce such above task schedule (planing a 
Cron job with a At PyAtCron script).



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