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Re: Continuous integration tests also for MacOS and Windows

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: Continuous integration tests also for MacOS and Windows
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 23:05:40 +0200

I have setup the MacOS builds with travis. Some time ago I had a look at 
homebrew. As travis has the homebrew system already preinstalled, I have made a 
homebrew tap:

The homebrew tap provides the released version and a nightly build - same as 
Jeremy has done it for macports. So this is based on the distribution package - 
it does not build from the pspp git.

@Ben: Todays nightly build failed so I am not too sure if this exists, but do 
you see a chance to provide a fixed link to the latest nightly build 
distribution tgz? 

For the Mac application bundle I need macports. Macports is not available right 
away in travis and the macports gtk3 default backend is X11. For the 
application bundle I need to setup everything for the „quartz“ backend, i.e. 
gtk3 with the native MacOS calls. It takes a couple of hours to compile the 
macports build environment from scratch. Therefore I have split this up.

I build the macports build environment and store it in a tgz file - similar to 
the macports travis approach. 

The travis CI run then downloads and installs this build environment. The pspp 
build is from git master. The bundling scripts including the travis ci are here:

What is missing is a place where I store the created bundle. I do not want to 
store my credentials from Hochschule Augsburg at travis. 

Regarding a free alternative we need a Mac build server. Probably a hosted 
machine but that needs to be maintained.



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