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Re: Continuous integration tests also for MacOS and Windows

From: Jeremy Lavergne
Subject: Re: Continuous integration tests also for MacOS and Windows
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 13:19:33 +0000
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On "make check": I do that prior to committing the changes to MacPorts (there's usually just 5 skipped tests and everything else passes).

In combination with Travis CI, MacPorts also has buildbot setup to create packaging for a combination of architecture and OS versions.

On 7/30/20 2:53 AM, Friedrich Beckmann wrote:
Hi Ben,

sure - it would be nice to have CI for MacOS and Windows too. I do my pspp 
development on my Macbook laptop and I do not have a „networked“ Mac somewhere. 
As Jeremy mentioned macports uses travis-ci - I am not sure if they run „make 
check“ during the test build. For MacOS there are two ways to install pspp

a) via macports
b) via install bundle

It tried to describe the differences here: „Technology and Build process“
The main obstacle for macports is that you need to install an Apple XCode 
Compiler and the macports environment before you can install pspp.

If I remember correctly Harry builds the windows version as a cross compile 
from linux and the test suite does not run on Windows.


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