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Re: MacOS App Bundle for pspp

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: MacOS App Bundle for pspp
Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 08:09:57 +0200

Hi Jeremy,

thanks for the hint. Is it possible to include the pre-pkg phase instructions 
to the pspp port file
that is on macports? Or is there a specific reason why you have a separate port 
file that
you use for creating the package? As you mentioned, the rkward port file on 
includes the pre-pkg phase section.

Would that mean that somebody who builds the dmg from the default macports 
installation would produce an install file that would interfere with a macports 

Is my understanding correct, that the dmg installer will and must install 
everything in 
/opt/pssp (or any other fixed absolute path that is known at compile time)? 

Full relocation which will allow to move the application it to the application 
or any other folder would need more tweaks and possibly changes to 
source, e.g. to find the ui files?


> Am 20.05.2016 um 05:23 schrieb Jeremy Lavergne <address@hidden>:
> I made use of the pre-pkg phase to copy the postinstall script into the
> package.
> There are other ports that also do this, like rkward and MacPorts itself.
> On 05/19/2016 03:25 AM, Friedrich Beckmann wrote:
>> Hi Jeremy,
>> i followed the instructions here
>> 3.4.2. Binary Packages
>> <>
>> to build a binary package for pspp on MacOS. I made a separate /opt/pspp
>> macports install for this purpose. I can build the dmg, but I think it
>> misses the files
>> which are generated in the postinstall steps of the packages. For example
>> the icon caches are not generated. Could you give me a hint how you do this?
>> I also looked at inkscape way to do it, but they seem to script quite a
>> lot to produce
>> an app bundle.

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