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Re: relicense SPSS reading code?

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: Re: relicense SPSS reading code?
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 22:31:09 -0700
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On Thu, Aug 01, 2013 at 05:53:23PM -0400, Jack Tanner wrote:
> The R Project uses old PSPP code to read SPSS files:
> They might want to update their fork, but they can't, because PSPP
> is under GPL v3, and R is GPL v2.
> Would the PSPP developers consider making a special release of the
> SPSS reading code under GPL "v2 or later"?

I think that I would be amenable to this.  John, you are the other
relevant author of the SPSS reading code in PSPP.  Are you willing to
relicense the SPSS reading code to GPLv2+?

Jack: Which files, particularly, do you want relicensed?  Obviously
sys-file-reader.c, sys-file-reader.h, sys-file-private.h, but those have
dependencies.  Do you have a complete list?



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