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Re: Translation of documents

From: Bastián Díaz
Subject: Re: Translation of documents
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 09:28:51 -0700 (PDT)

On the translation of the website:
I've been very disappointed with the translation team have responded that "we 
do not translate that type of pages. If you want to translate this website, 
contact the administrators."

Try to contact with the general coordinator of translations, to see if there is 
a way to generate po file templates for the web, and so have the option to 
translate the website into several languages.

> I think it is time that we updated the website a bit.  In partiuclar,
> * Some new screenshots.
> * New info pertinent to 0.8.0

He planned to propose the same idea.
I could generate screenshots in different environments GNU/Linux and Windows, 
for example to show the current status of the application in "GET".

> Also, I am thinking of adopting the standard GNU template, like this one
> instead of our home grown blue one.
> I resisted this before, because at the time, the standard gnu template 
> was of such poor quality and was constantly changing.  But in the last
> few years, it has become a lot better and a lot more stable.
> What do people think?

Not a bad idea, but as far as possible could be modified a bit the template to 
give identity to the PSPP website?
One of the websites that I liked is that of Anubis:

Any help that I can provide, please count on my support.


Bastián Díaz

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