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[patch #6210] Make viewport {width, length} under direct ownership of th

From: John Darrington
Subject: [patch #6210] Make viewport {width, length} under direct ownership of the user interface
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 03:54:16 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, patch #6210 (project pspp):

> I think that the new version of get_termcap_viewport calls
> set_fallback_viewport unconditionally, not just when tgetnum
> fails to return good values.

Yes that's true, but in that case set_fallback_viewport does nothing.  But
perhaps it should be refactored to make the code more intuitive.

> I do not think it is a good idea to do so much work from a signal handler.

You're right. 

>  I'd be happy to code one for you.

Please do so.

> The long_view variable appears to be effectively dead: 
> I don't recall what it was originally for.

I don't recall either.  Let's remove it.

> As long as popup_message is changing anyhow, I think that "Syntax Error" is
> better name than "Script Error".  I am trying to move away from the term
> "script", at least in user documentation and user-visible messages, because
> is not a term used by that other software.


> I assume that only the ascii driver cares about terminal size? 

Now that you mention it, it needs a bit of thought. The manual for 'that
other software' says "These two subcommands apply only to text output".  So it
seems that it shouldn't apply to postscript or html drivers.   In the case of
an interactive PSPP session, there are two drivers active --- one going to the
terminal, the other to pspp.list Common sense says that resizing the terminal
should only affect the dimensions of the terminal output.  So maybe we need to
think about this a bit more.


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