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Re: compile break

From: Jason Stover
Subject: Re: compile break
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 23:03:34 -0400
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On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 09:59:52AM +0800, John Darrington wrote:
> I can only guess this has something to do with the way "bool" is
> #defined 
> Something which is included by settings.c subsequent to settings.h
> must be redefining it.
> Perhaps you can compile this file with -E and try to find out what's
> going on.

I ran gcc -E. As you guessed, most of the breaks are caused by this
kind of thing:

_Bool get_safer_mode (void);

Then later:

get_safer_mode (void)
  return safer_mode;

I suppose there should be a statement somewhere to
#define bool _Bool, or vice versa, but it isn't included
soon enough.

I can attach a complete list of the busted declarations,
or fix it myself. I don't want to stomp on someone else's
work, so I'll wait for approval before changing anything


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