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Re: compile break

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: compile break
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 09:59:52 +0800
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I can only guess this has something to do with the way "bool" is
Something which is included by settings.c subsequent to settings.h
must be redefining it.

Perhaps you can compile this file with -E and try to find out what's
going on.


On Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 06:09:25PM -0400, Jason Stover wrote:
     With OBSD, x86-64:
     I just checked out a fresh copy from the cvs tree, configured --without-gui
     no trouble, typed make, and got this:
     src/data/settings.c:182: error: conflicting types for `get_safer_mode'
     src/data/settings.h:33: error: previous declaration of
     src/data/settings.c:196: error: conflicting types for `get_echo'
     src/data/settings.h:36: error: previous declaration of `get_echo'
     src/data/settings.c:203: error: conflicting types for `set_echo'
     src/data/settings.h:37: error: previous declaration of `set_echo'
     src/data/settings.c:210: error: conflicting types for `get_include'
     src/data/settings.h:38: error: previous declaration of `get_include'
     src/data/settings.c:217: error: conflicting types for `set_include'
     src/data/settings.h:39: error: previous declaration of `set_include'
     src/data/settings.c:245: error: conflicting types for `get_errorbreak'
     src/data/settings.h:44: error: previous declaration of
     src/data/settings.c:252: error: conflicting types for `set_errorbreak'
     src/data/settings.h:45: error: previous declaration of
     src/data/settings.c:259: error: conflicting types for
     src/data/settings.h:47: error: previous declaration of
     src/data/settings.c:267: error: conflicting types for
     (there are many more conflicts, all in settings.[ch]).
     But it compiled an ran fine yesterday. 
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