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Re[2]: [Plex86-devel] memory > 24 Mb

From: Vladimir Stavrinov
Subject: Re[2]: [Plex86-devel] memory > 24 Mb
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 11:25:19 +0400

Hello Eric,

2002.September-17-Tuesday, 00:47:18, you wrote:

EL> kernel/include/monitor.h:279:#define PLEX86_MAX_PHY_MEGS 32

EL> Hardcoded to a 32 MB max.

EL> I never tried up'ping this value to 64 MB, I don't know if the BIOS can 
EL> it. Please, try and report back to the list :-)


kernel/include/monitor.h:279:#define PLEX86_MAX_PHY_MEGS 512

Now it don't working at all regardless what the memory = ? is:

Allocating 4MB of physical memory in VM
ioctl ALLOCVPHYS: : Cannot allocate memory

I don't think this is BIOS problem, because bochs is working with any
size of memory while BIOS is the same.

Best regards,
 Vladimir                            mailto:address@hidden

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