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[Plex86-devel] memory > 24 Mb

From: Vladimir Stavrinov
Subject: [Plex86-devel] memory > 24 Mb
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 17:41:01 +0400


I can't allocate more then 24 Mb memory for VM. If memory = 64 then
plex86 exit with message:

Allocating 64MB of physical memory in VM
ioctl ALLOCVPHYS: : Invalid argument  

The system is:

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+  1536.853 MHz, Memory 512 Mb, Linux-2.4.19, gcc-2.95.3,

Plex86 compiled from recent cvs plex86-release with config options:

--enable-ne2000 --enable-pci

The same result without pci.

Running config is:

memory = 64
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/
bochs-opt boot: c
bochs-opt diskc: file="/root/plex86/disks/winnt.img", cyl=2048, heads=16, spt=63
bochs-opt floppya: 1_44=/root/plex86/disks/msdos.floppy, status=inserted
bochs-opt keyboard_serial_delay: 50
bochs-opt floppy_command_delay: 500
bochs-opt vga_update_interval: 90000
bochs-opt mouse: enabled=0
bochs-opt private_colormap: enabled=0
bochs-opt i440fxsupport: enabled=1
bochs-opt newharddrivesupport: enabled=1
bochs-opt ips: 1000000
bochs-opt ne2k: ioaddr=0x300, irq=5, mac=12:34:56:78:9a:bc, ethmod=null, 
plugin = ./plugins/bridge/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
plugin = ./plugins/bochs/iodev/
load-rom: file=../bios/BIOS-bochs-latest, address=0xf0000
load-rom: file=../bios/VGABIOS-lgpl-0.3a, address=0xc0000
db_syntax = at&t
prescan: depth = 3, ring3 = on

Do anybody know how to fix this?

Best regards,
 Vladimir                          mailto:address@hidden

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