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[Plex86-devel] Problem using plex86 : fdisk, keyboard, cdrom

From: Samuel Torton
Subject: [Plex86-devel] Problem using plex86 : fdisk, keyboard, cdrom
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:40:16 +0200


We are new users with Plex86.
Our configuration :
        Linux kernel 2.4.18
        Linux distrib Debian Woody 3.0

We have installed with "creatdisk" tool some new virtual hardrives
images such as "winnt", "freedos", "linux", etc... and then configured
the respective config files in /etc/plex86... and then launched "plex86
winnt", "plex freedos", etc... successful !

But... We have 3 remaining problems :

  - FDISK problem :
    after using "createdisk", we want use fdisk in order to set up C,
    H and S parameters... when we want to write the partition table,
    we have an IOCTL error !

  - KEYBOARD map problem :
    after launching "plex86 <os>", which is successful, but we have a
    dirty keyboard map, neither "azerty", nor "qwerty", nor anything !
    ... and impossible to find simple keys such as "." or "/" !!!

  - CDROM problem :
    -- if we use the virtual Linux OS, no problem with CDROM,
       it is recognized such as /dev/hd1
    -- if we use the virtual FreeDOS OS, CDROM cannot be seen,
       thus we cannot go further to install WinNT or anything else :-(

Any ideas ?
Would those 3 problems be related ?

Samuel Torton 

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